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Susanne Roursgaard

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Susanne Roursgaard, creator and founder of The Gaia Method, has decades of experience as a practitioner, therapist, teacher and workshop leader. She has been working with the modality since 2010.


She is dedicated to bringing healing and trauma release to her clients. Her passion is helping others to feel freedom, safety, boundaries, joy, compassion and love. To feel natural sensitivity and pleasure in the body, to feel alive. To be at home in in their body and to have peace of mind. To help people discover who they really are.


Susanne is and has always been very curious, wanting to know and understand life. This has lead to various educations; Psychotherapist, Body-oriented Trauma Therapist, Sexologist specialised in Sexual Abuse, Family Therapist, Couples Counsellor, Interspiritual trainer, certified TRE-provider. She has a medical background as a Midwife for 23 years. She has terminated her license as a midwife to dedicate herself to equally and holistically work with body, mind and consciousness/soul/spirit.


Susanne was born in Denmark, now living more around the world than any specific place. Her bases are The Netherlands and Denmark. She is a mother of 2 children, both young adults now. She is also a Co-founder of Healingrejser which offers therapeutic Ayahuasca retreats. A few times a year she will be facilitating these retreats together with her ex-partner. Together, they shared a loving relationship for 27 years until their personal paths went in different directions.


Susanne is now sharing her life, her path and work with her beloved Adam Beker. She is a Shamanic and Tantric practitioner with a committed meditation practice.

Susanne Roursgaard

Adam Beker

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Adam is a student of the body and consciousness. Learning and growing through the various ways of the body and mind is his passion. Whether it’s through Yoga, Internal Martial Arts, Gymnastics/Calisthenics, breath work, Tantra, meditation or other body-mind practices. He aims to strengthen the connection between his mind and his body. To master the energy flow inside the body. To raise his consciousness.


Through these wide range of practices he comes to a deeper understanding of the foundation these practices are built upon.


His approach to movement is a holistic one. Exploring many aspects of the body-mind connection. Strength, flexibility, mobility, breathing, mental focus/meditation and nutrition. Aiming to balance his practices by exposing himself to polarities. Movement and stillness. Left and right. Hot and cold. Yin and Yang.


Adam is a certified Yoga teacher. Having received training at Yoga Mala in Israel, where he studied traditional Hatha Yoga. Since 2017 he’s a student of Fighting Monkey. A movement practice modality that incorporates dance, martial arts and philosophy.

He's also a dedicated Tantric practitioner.


Adam has a soft yet strong masculine energy. He support with his ability to hold deep space in a non-invasive way with strong presence.

He's also the one that created the visuals and design of this very website.

Adam Beker

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