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Robert van Ravens





Rotterdam, Amsterdam,

Ibiza, Berlin




+31 (0)6 24720339

With a background in dance, theatre, yoga and body-mind-centering, Robert became massage therapist in 2006. Up until this day he continues to explore, study and research different forms of healing bodywork. He has followed a shamanic path of plant Medicine for over 30 years, especially his studies with plant teacher Ayahuasca has influenced his work greatly.

In 2007 Robert started his exploration with Tantra for men and continued trainings based on breath, movement, meditation, healing and massage. He completed Sacred intimacy trainings in Berlin and got inspired to merge his spiritual and professional path and create playful shamanic workshops designed to explore healing techniques, shamanic movement, conscious touch, intimate bodywork, working with herbs, flowers, personal guides and totem animals. Ritualistic workshops that offer a safe space for men and women inspired and curious to experience healing in a sacred and playful way. Based in the Queer community RespiRo provides a healing space for the sisterhood, including the harmony of the empowered feminine and work together on the healing of wounded and toxic masculinity.

RespiRo presented workshops in London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne, Rotterdam, Krakov, Barcelona.

Robert started studying dearmouring in 2019, physical and energetic bodywork that helps open up the connection between mind and body, training skills and knowledge on trauma release for women and men, helping them shed disconnecting blockages, patterns, trauma and beliefs enabling them to be more free, sense fully, experience deeper, being more balanced and live with a warm and open heart.

Inspired by both dearmouring and his spiritual work in medicine ceremonies Robert created Ritualistic Bodywork, goddess & warrior rituals. Rituals honouring specific Orixás (from Afro Brazilian traditions), spirits, gods and goddesses focussing on the healing and rebalancing of the empowered feminine and sacred masculine.

Robert’s touch is spirited, soft and gentle yet strong and empowering where needed. He guides sessions professionally, dedicated and with full care and attention. Robert shares the magic of his life path channeling and creating a powerful healing space in which one is invited to release, reconnect and most of all enjoy..

“It is my passion and mission helping others to embody themselves, to support the process of healing and share the experience of joy & gratitude being alive in a physical body, experiencing pleasure, inspiration and bliss.”

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present - Richard Bach.

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