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Bern, Switzerland





+41 76 7859585

Bhadra is the founder of ANTARA EARTH – which was created 8 years ago when she was still working as a Sports- Teacher & Therapist.

Antara Earth means from INSIDE out – The depth of the earth & The silence of the heart.

She loves to go into the depths – the depth of being – the depth of love – uniting and welcoming all parts back to self.

More than a decade ago Bhadra started unfolding and walking a tantric path of inner Liberation.

This brought her in contact with many different parts in herself which felt contracted – holding back and not living fully. Since than she explored & studied intensely different ways of how to connect to Self.

Her lifepath brought her in contact with healing the ability to connect and be in authentic relating with others – being & living a relaxed connection with her body & sexuality  - releasing tons of stuck emotions.

The field of Dearmouring is supporting her greatly in the process of unfolding – shedding – opening the body &  heart - softer & deeper than she could ever imagine.

In her 1:1 Sessions she combines different techniques such as Body Dearmouring – Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release – Tantric BodyWork & Meditations – Presence - Sound – Movement - Meditation to invite you – allowing the full spectrum of being human.

Being fully welcomed and allowing your body to release & expand.

Bhadra is based in Switzerland in the capital of Bern.

Beside 1:1 Sessions she is offering group settings as well as Online Work in Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System.

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