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Stine Brasgaard Thirslund










+45 51904411

Stine has spent almost 20 years working as a midwife in Denmark, the last 10 years as a home-birth midwife. In a personal, heartfelt and respectful manner she has been guiding and supporting hundreds of families and mothers to go through one of their most transformational times in life. Holding space with a sincere grounded heart, Stine carries a strong believe in the body’s natural and strong capacity to guide and show the way, when it is given the time, trust, love, and compassion it needs to unfold into its true beauty and essence without shame and fear.

Stine is rooted in a deep belief in a holistic approach grounded in medical science and understanding. She believes in merging these too paradigms to create higher understanding and balance.


“Birth” happens also in everyday life when we open ourselves to new fragile sides in us.  We sometimes need to be born again in new ways helped by a “midwife”. It takes trust, love, and presence to dare to unfold ourselves, to look at our inner often hidden children and to step into new identities and empowerment.  Sometimes we need a calm, present and compassionate mother’s heart, to hold the space for the transformation to take place.

Dearmouring, energy, kundalini, tantra and breathwork came into Stine's life 5 years ago and literally kicked her butt into even deeper inner transformational work – and continues to show new layers of consciousness expansion and surrendering into life itself. A work that has taken her into a new journey away from birth and into bodywork, gestalt psychotherapy, breathwork - as a key to body awareness, and now a Master degree in clinical sexology in Denmark - With the interest in the body’s nervous system, anxiety, stress, chronic diseases and healing of sexual stigma and trauma.

Stine is especially working to unfold and acknowledge women’s sexuality, lust, anger, shame, fear and trauma. “you need to feel it in order to heal it”

In Stine you will find a sensitive, soft, yet strong and powerful space holder that will hold you with an open heart, and where you can relax and be exactly who you are.

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