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Stine Krage





Copenhagen & Møn, Denmark




+45 20724146

Stine is often described as a grounding, safe, present, powerful, compassionate space holder when guiding others in going deep into their body, blockages and bliss.

Stine believes that a practitioner must first humble herself under the one she wants to support, and thereby understand that to support is not to rule, but to serve.

Her call in life is to support life-changing transitions for humans. By guiding humans in facing their deepest shadows and offering support to rediscover their truth and power.

Stine is an experienced facilitator and therapist. She has an unique ability to create a safe space with her clients and in groups. With her grounded presence she meets the group with curiosity. She is very skilled in communicating and explaining with clarity.

She supports all genders and has specialized in the male body full sexual potential and sexual dysfunctions. She is the founder of The prostatic portal which is a teaching platform on prostate health, massage and orgasms.

As a bodyworker and facilitator she embodies deep knowledge in touch and healing. She is an educated Midwife, Integral Sexologist, in Kaula Tantric practice, ART/Authentic Relating, Rebirthing Breathwork, Acupuncture, TRE, Core Awareness/psoas, Trauma theory, Compassionate inquiry and De Armouring. She is an experienced facilitator of groups in Retreats and festivals around Europa. Living in the isle of Mon in Denmark and in Copenhagen. Often traveling to the Netherlands with her Dutch partner to teach and give sessions. When she is not working, she loves farming life in the isle of Mon and getting lost in the diversity of nature.

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