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Karen Levine





United States of America





1 + 412 862 8444

Reiki Master & Teacher; De-armouring Practitioner; Life & Business Coach

Karen works one-on-one with people who want to make fundamental changes in their lives but feel stuck for whatever reason, don't know where or how to start and fear they might not succeed if they try. While her skills are multidisciplinary, her goal always is to assist clients to discover and give voice to their heartfelt desires and find ways to lead fully empowered, fully expressed lives -- in every aspect -- based on their specific goals, desires, and challenges. Karen draws on extensive training and decades of experience to work, in the moment, with what a client brings to each session and what emerges organically during the session.

She can work at the level of the body as well as cognitively and emotionally using a single modality or a combination, as appropriate, based on a ciient's preference and informed consent. In this way, clients feel the deep support available to them to release blockages (physical and emotional) as well as limiting beliefs that get in the way of their ability to have the fulfilling relationships they desire and live a life of their own design. Highly intuitive and a deep listener, Karen's inherently calm manner, kindness, compassion, and ability to read bodies energetically, combined with her 'gentle touch'-trained hands are just some of the ways in which she creates a safe space for her clients to release trauma, discover freedom, and move forward in their lives with greater joy, vitality, and confidence.

Based in the USA, Karen travels multiple times a year to Europe to assist at Gaia Method retreats. She is available for in-person consultations and sessions as location allows and otherwise via zoom. She also provides distance sending Reiki which can be scheduled to be delivered at a time most convenient for the client (and does not require that the client and Karen be communicating live in the moment (e.g., for energy-based support during a surgical procedure, a potentially stressful meeting or conversation, etc.).

Her professional training and certifications include:

  • Body De-Armouring and Sexual De-Armouring

  • Reiki Master and Teacher (in both the traditional Usui and modern Gendai methods)

  • Shamanic Reiki

  • Basic and Advanced Gestalt Therapy

  • Life Coaching and Business Coaching

  • Master's degree in Technical and Scientific Communication (MTSC) - Miami University, Oxford, OH

  • Bachelor's degree in Philosophy - Ramapo University, Mahwah, NJ

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