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London, UK




+44 7904077815

Bao offers a whole body-mind approach to healing, one that is anchored in neuroscience and spiritual in its essence. Her passion and dedication is in helping people live a life with ease and purpose, reconnecting them to their innate wisdom, power and joy.

With two decades of experience, she combines different modalities that aids transformation whether the blockages are physiological, emotional, chemical or energetically. It is a unique intersection between ancient healing systems, quantum physics, neuroscience and spirituality.

She believes healing is a multi faceted approach as we are different, but from experience, one of the foundations of healing starts in the brain and nervous system. Healing can only take place in a ventral vagal state where safety can be found. She works from a Polyvagal informed lens where safety and co-regulation are of utmost importance.

With a lifelong passion and interest for natural health and healing therapies, she offers healing for the body, mind and spirit. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she incorporates lifestyle, mindset, nutritional advice and sound healing, trauma release and many more modalities to help you live an empowered life in connection to your embodied self.

Her practice is based on integrating the whole of a person’s experience, listening to the innate wisdom that the body reveals. This means that she will always respect and honour your boundaries and limitations, meeting you where you are at.

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