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A body-oriented approach

The Gaia Method is a holistic modality. It is built upon the perception that body, mind and spirit can’t be separated from each other. Therefore, it is more than merely a bodywork technique.


Therapy is often part of the session with a client before, during and after bodywork. The cognitive therapy is combined with bodywork, energy work, touch, sound, movement and breath. You can also say; it is a body-oriented approach into the cognitive material.

The Gaia Method is a holistic modality

Body-oriented approach

When working therapeutically, we aim to create an embodied experience

Creating an embodied experience


When working therapeutically, we aim to create an embodied experience of the cognitively understood material. To create a bridge between the past and present moment. Offering a different or expanded interpretation or understanding of an event. From there, the story can transform and lose the energetic ties it holds on the client. A different future can be created, no longer carrying unwanted patterns or trauma responses.


Often the therapy consists of reprogramming the mind and body with new skills. For the mind to understand what the body feels - and the other way around. An example of this could be feeling and setting boundaries.

Embodied experiene

Different types of therapy


Different therapy forms are used dependent on the theme of a session. Some forms might be; Psychotherapy, Trauma therapy, Sexology, Attachment psychology, Family therapy, Couples counseling.


The Gaia Method has roots going into Humanistic Psychology, Dynamic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology and Para Psychology.


The therapeutic approach and view on a situation is furthermore inspired by knowledge from modern science of Neuroplasticity, Quantum Field Physics, The Poly Vagal Theory, ancient knowledge and traditions such as Shamanism and Tantra.

Different therapy forms are used dependent on the theme of a session

Types of therapy
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