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Ariane Grigo






the Netherlands




+31 (0)6 24750487

Ariane is a loving, thorough and open minded spirit. Her whole life she is guided and inspired by the story underneath the story to untangle patterns back to the source of life.

She has been studying different eastern and western styles of bodywork and healing for the last 30 years. Systems such as Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, Cranio Sacral and visceral work. Since 2017, she got deeply touched by the work of body and sexual de-amouring and is happy to be a part of Susanne’s team. Her passion to learn, develop and share never stops.

In her practice in Rotterdam, she guides people with life questions, spiritual growth, health and emotional processes.
She is specialized in burnout and recovery therapy.
With her clairvoyant abilities, she connects missing links and supports your personal process to reconnect you to your true nature.

Nature never lies, our body is storing and telling the stories of our life. Ariane is an excellent translator of the untold stories and she loves to walk along with you to find your home, your true identity.
Ariane works as a health practitioner and a coach in the field of health, communication, culture, trauma and spiritual guidance. She combines bodywork, healing and coaching into one.

Ariane is a dedicated practitioner and teacher in bodywork, meditation and Yoga.
At this moment she is writing a book and developing a program for the communication of the senses. 

“Open arms, hands and hearts,
Falling into life makes us ourselves again,
We are never lost.
Love always returns us home.”

Ariane Grigo

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