Individual Sessions


Body-mind practice

1.5 hour intake session

(online session)

€100,- /session


Do you want to explore the connection between your body and mind?

Drawing inspiration from different systems as Yoga, Gymnastics/Calisthenics, Internal Martial Arts and others, we will strive to find a holistic way of deepening your body-mind connection.

Whether you want to focus on strength, flexibility and mobility, meditation, breathing or a combination of these...

We will look at your current strengths and weaknesses to assess where you're at. We will take into consideration how much time you would like to spend each day/week. Together we will create a balanced practice for you specifically. Based on your needs and desires.

Body-mind practice

guidance session

(online session optional)

€65,- /hour


After we have created your personal practice, Adam is available to guide you through the process. 

A personal practice is ever evolving. As are our needs and desires. You should adjust your practice accordingly.

Do you want to spend more or less time on your practice? Can you go faster or do you need to slow down? Do you want to explore more breathing- than movement practices? Or do you want to focus more on meditation, rather than breathing. 

All of these variables keep changing depending on your level of ability, the time you have available and the present situation of your life.

Together we will look at your progress, what is working and what is not and how we can adjust you practice to make it fit your personal needs, lifestyle and goals.