Full Body De-Armouring


An in-depth journey into trauma healing techniques and de-armouring the body!

Do you wish to learn how to work on healing the body from blockages, stuck energy and traumas – to re-awaken the body to its full potential. To regain the sensation and connection to your body if you are not in it. Then join this retreat!

The Gaia Method is a “soft touch” de-armouring technique, bringing loving attention to areas of tension, not forcing through armour with brute force but inviting the body to open up. You will learn to utilize the conscious application of breath, touch, sound and movement to work with the whole body without hard pressure on the tissue.

During this retreat, you will be equipped with theory, knowledge and hands-on practice, both as a receiver and giver, in releasing suppressed emotional and energetic trauma, tension, blockages and pain from the body in a healthy, loving and safe way. 

There can be nudity in this workshop. So you will have to be able to relax with naked people around you. Being naked is a choice but not obligatory!

In this retreat you can work with same sex partners or opposite sex partners. There will be possibility for switching partner several times or stay with the same. The choice is yours.

There will be live models in order to demonstrate the various technique!


18 - 22 August 2021


The Netherlands




We welcome anyone who wants to get more in touch with themselves, singles, couples, professional healers, Tantra masseuses, bodyworkers, therapists who want to learn more about healing the body, relieving tension, releasing trauma and helping to restore life force energy. If you long for experiencing heightened sensitivity and emotional release, then this retreat is also for you.


€ 890,- (€300,- non-refundable deposit) 

The price includes teaching, organic vegetarian food, fruit and tea in the breaks.

Lodging is NOT included in the price. About 4 to 6 week before the retreat we will send information about booking rooms together with a code that will provide you 30% discount on the room price. Venwoude offers single and double rooms as well as a spot for a tent or campervan.

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