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38 years old

Thank you so much for the last couple of days! It was truly profound and it feels life changing to experience how well this seemed to fit me. Today I gave my first dearmouring to a dear friend who's severely blocked emotionally. She completely offloaded after I finished and was so grateful and astounded by the result. Having this knowledge under my belt is a gift. A gift from all of you, the entire team. Thank you so much. I can't wait to continue giving this gift to others and to grow deeper into this beautiful craft. We WILL meet again

42 years old

This retreat created a safe space to open my heart completely and open to my own inner feminine and through that dance energetically with beautiful partners. It helped me connect with and heal with my inner lover and to experience how, in the right energy, giving and receiving merges in to one.  
I have realised I can "de-armour" any moment with breath and softness and move into sensuality at any given time which has felt as continuing the retreat into every day life.
Once again my deep gratitude, I know how much experience and embodiment that is needed to create such a safe container to make nudity, sexuality, de-armouring, pleasure seem so safe and natural.

46 years old

I feel like a shining crystal and at the same time like a magnet that attracts amazing energy, I bathe in this flow and it fills me, and I fill it too.
Sounds a bit pompous, right? But I really enjoy this state of body and of mind after our lovely 4-days retreat with Susanne Roursgaard & Adam Beker! 4 days, filled with practices, beautiful ceremonies, meditations, breath-work, 4 days of exploring myself (and others), my energy, my boundaries and capabilities. Together with such incredible people around me.
A lot of helpful tools to grow, to expand, to empower. So much of talk, share, wisdom, laughter and joy.
I love you, guуs!
Happy to know all of you.

46 years old

Oh my goodness... I’ve been blown away by your love and dedication. Thanks a million for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. You are truly amazing! I’m so grateful for the healing that happened during the retreat. Also would like to express my gratitude to the team. Hope to meet you again for a private session or another retreat.

34 years old

A beautiful choice to make. For yourself! That is really what this retreat showed me: it is all inside me, the rest is bonus. So I am being in deep connection heart filled and deep seperation pain at the same time. Breathing in both and being me.

55 years old

I had the thoughts that my pleasure depends on the person I’m sharing it with. These days, especially after our Women only retreat, observing so much freedom, peacefulness in me coming from the experience of being my perfect lover. For the first time in my life I actually sense in my own body - I am my number one! It’s incredible, no self help books, philosophy, intellectual musings could ever even come close to this sense of freedom.

34 years old

Thank you, Susanne Roursgaard and team - your Way of being and all of you guys for holding space. It was amazing and so so so deeply nurturing for this deep work!
I fucking loved how you, Susanne at 10 PM at night still had the energy to see me and hold me like a mom, after a whole day of teaching!! The human level of that is so rare among teachers !
Thank you for being you and doing this work in the world. And thank you for Each one of you
I feel stronger and more open in being me after this retreat- grateful

54 years old

I walk around with a smile
Thank you Adam & Susanne for the journey you took me on. The holistic vision, the interaction between body & mind. Thank you group & assistents to support each other, the sharings and dive deep!
Connecting past, present & future.
Grateful for the insides i received.
Puzzle pieces falling together.
I feel it in my cells.
Tears of joy

31 years old

I feel so energised within, I feel so much trust and so many seeds has been planted this retreat that I feel so thankful for.

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