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Live Online TRE Classes


Before entering the online TRE class you need to know this and ask yourself a few things!

We are offering live TRE classes where you will be guided through the TRE process. The different exercises will be shown and explained.
 You will be able to ask questions via the chat if you are in doubt or need extra answers.


We will provide music fitted for the practice via a link to a Spotify playlist.
 The link will be sent to you together with the Zoom link.


TRE is a method developed by Dr. David Berceli. 
A method to help the body release tension, stress and trauma.

TRE is a way of activating the built-in function of the human body to allow it to release by itself, which is needed to restore balance and homeostasis.

It will allow the body to release stuck energy through tremor. Emotions may come up in this process.


In these online classes, we will focus on tension and stress release.

There will be a screening of the participants. Not everyone will be allowed in.


There's a mandatory pre-class for anyone who has not done any TRE before. This class starts 45 minutes before the official class. 

Notice! Some of you might not be allowed into the online class if I assess this is not the right class for you right now.


If you have trauma to work on, then this class is not for you... For deeper trauma/anxiety work please seek individual sessions by TRE providers (certified in this method).

You will need a yoga mat for the session. If you do not have a mat, a thick blanket can be used to lie on.
 You do not want a thick pillow under your head as it is important your neck and head can move freely.


The practice consists of 7 exercises. The last one is the exercise you will be doing for 10-15 min.

After the releasing you will enter a relaxation period. This one is an important part of the practice and should not be skipped. It's where the session gets integrated.


It can be good to have eyes softly open during the session.


You can always stop the practice by stretching your legs our if you wish to end the practice earlier than 10-15 min or to take a little break.


It is important to listen to the body!

There are days where you will only do a few minutes before you feel “this was it”. If this happens in the class just go into rest and DON’T push yourself beyond what feels right!


The questions you need to answer honestly are;


  1. What is the reason you want to do TRE?

    This class is fitted for stress and tension release. Not severe trauma or emotional anxiety. For this, please see a TRE provider for an individual session to assess your level of self-regulation and determine when you can follow a group TRE online.

  2. Have you done a TRE practice/session before?
If not, you have to participate in a pre-class before entering the TRE class. To learn in detail, how to work with the tremor and self-regulation during the practice.

  3. Do you have physical injuries?
If so, you might need alterations on how to do the different exercises. Please share what your injury is in the chat.

  4. Do you have severe trauma/PTSD/burnout?
If yes, this class is NOT for you! You need to do individual TRE sessions with a TRE provider. You will not be allowed into the classes.

  5. Can you hold an emotional space for yourself?
    If not, then this class is NOT for you! You need to do an individual session with a TRE provider to learn how to self-regulate before you enter a group practice online.

  6. Can you self-regulate (calm yourself) if you get agitated, anxious or overwhelmed?

    If not, this class is NOT for you! You need to do an individual session with a TRE provider to learn to self-regulate. Once you know how to self-regulate you can join a group class online.


No future dates at the moment

Amount of Participants



Wherever you are




These classes are donation-based. We ask you to donate what you can or feel is the right amount for you.

In case you currently have no money to spare, please feel welcome just the same!

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