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Online Self De-armouring Practice (Women)


We offer occasional online Self De-armouring practices for women. Sessions will be planned irregularly. Future dates will be announced further down this page or in the closed Facebook group: Self De-armouring Zoom Class


Women, who have been guided through the process describe how it allowed them to go much deeper than normal – and experience more than usual when practicing on their own. They shared, that doing this process together as a group helped them stay more present and committed to their own practice. Despite us not being in the same space. It felt very intimate and sacred. A very special moment shared amongst many sisters worldwide.


As we have women from all over the world participating, we will alter between 2 different time slots. One beneficial for Asian and Australian habitants. This one will be at 1 pm CEST – and one beneficial for the women in USA. This one will be either 4 or 5 pm CEST.


Women from Europe and the East Coast US will be able to attend both weeks without it being in the middle of the night.


A few days before the class, you will receive an email with practical information about the session; How to prepare and set up your space. As well as Zoom link and playlist link.


To ensure Internet security for this intimate class you will receive a separate email containing a password. No password, No entry... even if you have the Zoom link!


The main structure of this shared sacred space is as follows;

  1. Information and teaching about different aspects of Self De-armouring.

  2. Connecting with the Sisters to create a united sacred field.

  3. The guided Sexual Self de-Armouring practice. This part with your VIDEO OFF for privacy!

  4. End of the practice with relaxation to integrate (still in your own space with soft music to support this).

  5. A short Q & A to questions that might have come up – only 10 min.

  6. Closing by connecting with the sisters – sharing gratitude and love.


About 2 hours

​To be determined

Amount of participants

Max 500 participants


Wherever you are




These classes are donation-based. We ask you to donate a minimum of €10,-. Please tune into what is fair compared to your income level if you are not low-income. In case you do have a low income, we ask a minimum donation of €5,-.

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