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Julian Fryer


A man who is dedicated to his practice, Julian loves to be of support to others in their unique healing process. While serving Kambo medicine from the Amazon forest, he guides the individual towards alignment with their true path, as toxins and blockages are cleared and resolved.


Having worked with this medicine for over a decade he has been witness to the beneficial effects on body, mind and spirit, and time spent with tribes in the Amazon has added to his abilities. Julian lives a free life, spending much of his time in nature while exploring his passion for natural remedies, yoga, movement and self-development techniques.


During the spring, summer and autumn months he lives in Holland where he facilitates acroyoga courses, tantra workshops and offers Kambo, de-armouring and cord-cutting sessions. In the winter months he practices in the South of Spain.


When de-armouring first appeared on his path, Julian felt instantly intrigued. This calling led him to discover the Gaia Method to which he is now firmly committed and happy to be part of the team of assistants.


With his loving presence, caring nature and sense of humour, he has the ability to create a safe space for those who wish to dive deeper and clear the pathways to live their full potential.


The Netherlands & Spain







+34 603209884

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