Timo Trimborn


Timo is a warm-hearted, joyful and compassionate guy who has a deep interest for everything revolving around energy and consciousness. As a tantric yogi, he has devoted his life to spirituality. Timo views all of life's experiences as ways to learn and grow. With more than a decade of practicing and training experience in multiple meditation traditions - varying from Buddhist meditations such as Vipassana and Mahamudra to non-dual meditations such as Zen and Śaivist meditations -, Timo has mastered essential skills such as focus, loving awareness, being present and holding space.


Experiencing the great benefits of his meditation and spiritual practices, Timo decided to explore the entire spectrum of healing therapies to find out which one would be the most effective. Eventually he found out that the deepest healing technique was the beautiful work of de-armouring. Timo had a clear desire to help others by offering de-armouring sessions, and it didn't take long before he decided to quit his office job and move into the field of professional bodywork.


In 2020, with his mission to help people achieve the life of their dreams, Timo started his own healing company, which he called 'Get Healed'. Nowadays he offers de-armouring sessions, relaxing bodywork therapies and general advice for all those who want to optimize their life.


The Hague,

The Netherlands