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Fundamental Practitioner Training


What a journey!

This year I finished the Fundamental Practitioner Training of the Gaia Method. From 1-11 May, 87 hours of teaching and training. 38 participants, 2 teachers and a team of 10 assistents, diving deep in healing of the body, holding space to others to dive in theirs and run their process and made my own inner journey.

It was intense, insightfull, scarry, magical, new windows opened, … To be honest I don’t know how to give words to it. So much learned en experienced.

One of the important things I learnt is that safety is key for healing. I encoutered it in different ways during these days. From the minute I arrived it started: how to feel safe and be present in such a huge group of people coming from all over the world, English as main language, working with each other so closely and for a long intens period.
I learnt how to feel more safe in my own body with everything which came up in forms of emotions, pain, thoughts and how to enlarge my container.
And also learnt how to hold a safe space for clients and to experience how fundamental it is for healing.

Thank you for the learning, practicing, giving, receiving, sharing, humming, dancing in such a safe and supporting space

Susanne you are so inspiring and experienced! It's a joy listening and learning from you. With Adam and the team holding the loving space.

Thank you.


What a beautiful gift this training is!

A real deep dive into yourself, into other people’s inner landscape, into traumas, behavioural patterns, energies and so much more.
10 days fully packed with hands on knowledge on body and trauma work.
10 days packed of internal processes opening, releasing and unfolding.
10 days of community, unity and connection among the participants.

It’s intense and blissful, heart opening and scary- a mirror placed in front of your face. You really have to be ready for this… And I was so ready!

Main focus of the training is to work with clients so it provides a lot of knowledge on providing a safe space. Besides the theory sessions and explanations on energy work, the training incorporates a lot of anatomy and medical angles.
It helped understand my traumas, my triggers and boundaries. As well as learning how to create a safe container for someone else to open up and support them in their experience.

For me personally this training was a checkpoint on my journey. There are events in life where you can clearly see how you were before and after they happen. For me this training was such an event. I simply cannot go back to living my life the way I did with the knowledge learned. It changed me profoundly.
Thank you for sharing this work! Thank you team! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I was recommended to the Gaia Method practitioner training for further education, in order to add to my skills and offerings for my clients who experience sexual and pelvic pain. Since Covid my practice has moved online, and I was especially curious about whether or not the techniques taught by Susanne and her team could be translated for use in an online setting.

The training with The Gaia Method was one of the most comprehensive and valuable trainings I have experienced so far in the arena of hands on sexuality, trauma and healing work. Susanne holds an impeccable space, and is deeply generous with the transmission of her knowledge and experience. The techniques learnt and the supporting material have all influenced my offerings, and I have noticed an increase in both client outcomes and satisfaction since adding this knowledge to my practice.

I highly recommend this training to any professional who has a calling to support other people to hands on healing, or in the online space.


Pelvic and Sexual Pain Specialist

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