Sugandha Deva


Sugandha is a Tantrica, counsellor, sexologist, co-founder of Yoni school «Sacred Flower» in Russia, Thetahealer.


During years of fundamental study in mathematics and IT, diving deep in the world of logic, Sugandha heard a strong mysterious call from within. Therefore she entered her spiritual Path at the age of 19, starting with a few years of daily Reiki practice, then Osho meditations. At some point she also joined and lived in a Moscow Gurgiev school community. A deep longing for awakening and mysteries of Lovemaking brought her on the path of Tantra in 2010.


She has much love and passion to support people in sexual healing, reconnecting with sacredness of sexuality and lovemaking and awakening the power of consciousness hidden in there. In her approach she combines ancient wisdom of Tantra, energy work and methods of modern western sexology and therapy.


She offers sessions of yoni healing for women, tantric bodywork and sexual de-armouring for men, lingam/yoni ritual sessions for couples. She facilitates female retreats and Yoni Healing trainings in Russia.