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Simone Blok


Simone has a lot of life experience, in all aspects of her life. She walked here path and know the challenges you may also encounter.


From her own life lessons, SIY-Rituals has arisen and here purpose is to pass on what she have received here self. Simone is a bodyworker.


She has developed her own way of working with the body. Think of Hawaiian healing, de-armouring, Tantra, inner child healing, sound, breathwork, meditation, Yoga, Kundalini, rope ritual, spiritual guidance in addiction & behavioral disorders, and plant medicine combined with bodywork.


Simone believes that the sessions she offers, guide you towards a more free and energetic life. Although she also believes that each person is their own teacher, and ultimately, every soul will have to take responsibility for a healthy life on an emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic level.


Capelle a/d Ijssel,

the Netherlands





+31 (0)6 22778486

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