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Simone Blok


Before I started doing bodywork, I had a wobbly life. I found life difficult, with many ups and downs. I suffered from depression, fears and insecurities and lived in survival mode.


For about 20 years I have been struggling with addiction. In the end, it did not break me, but the behavior around it became too much for me. I did not know how to live life anymore.


I searched for solutions, but the traditional ones didn't work for me. After I found various plant and animal medicines, everything changed. My journey went uphill very quickly.


I discovered Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian bodywork) in my own healing process. I did several Lomi Lomi training courses.

After this I followed de-armouring and Tantra trainings and retreats, sound therapy and more. I keep developing. In the first place I do this for myself. I need this to grow spiritually and emotionally.


Every training and retreat again is a process and development for myself. And I get to share the experiences I have with others. I think that's the most beautiful thing.


Daily yoga and meditation also help me. I practice Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga daily, as well as martial arts. I have followed several Yoga teacher training courses.


At the moment I give body work sessions. It is a mix of Lomi Lomi, Tantra, meditation, breath, de-armouring, Yoga, coaching and sound. I am grateful to support you in your journey to self love.


At the moment I am following a two-year Tantra path, also an education to become a holistic therapist, i am in my last year.


Capelle a/d Ijssel,

the Netherlands





+31 (0)6 22778486

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