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The importance of spaceholding

One of our key values is to provide a space that is fully safe and contained. A space that is held so tight that you can dive deep into your process and inner space.


When holding a space, it’s important to know yourself. To know your wounds, shadows and convictions. You can only hold space for others to the degree you can hold space for yourself.

A key value in The Gaia Method is to provide a space that is fully safe and contained


There is always a big team present to ensure that there is enough support available

Our team


There is always a big team present in our retreats. Most often there is an equal amount of men and women present in the team to create a masculine and feminine balance. Many of our team members have been with us for years. Having received training by Susanne, on top of their own unique skills and abilities. Most of the them are professional bodyworkers. All members of the team are chosen for their specific skills, qualities and personalities. We believe it's important to have a team with diversity. Different ages and personalities.


This way, there will generally always be someone present that you as a participant can relate to. Someone you will feel safe and more at ease with.


We don’t allow team members to interact intimately with participants. Neither during the workshops, nor any sessions, breaks or nights during the retreats. Only if an assistant/facilitator/teacher and a participant are already intimately related before the retreat will this be allowed during the retreat. This is a Rule with NO exceptions!

Our team

Your physical condition

Prior to any retreat, we ask you to fill out a health form to ensure a safe process. We need to know about certain physical and psychological conditions, medications and other medical circumstances.

We need to know about your conditions

Physical condition
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