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Patrick Hoen Der Voogt


Patrick strongly believes that through connecting our Mind, Heart, Gut and Sex we can come back home in ourselves. His mission is to guide people through their own embodied transformation into more alive and loving beings. He offers bodywork and compassionate inquiry.


Patrick’s healing modalities include Gaia Method, Compassionate Inquiry, Somatic Therapy, TRE, Breathwork and Movement Medicine. All the while, holding safe space for you to navigate your life, nervous system, perceptions and beliefs, behavioural patterns, and values.


In your work he will remain present to you, himself and the process, he creates an attuned and safe space to reconnect with the essence of who you are. He will support you and provide curiosity, care, compassion, connectedness, calmness and clarity.


In addition, he offers private psilocybin psychedelic assisted journeys with emphasis on preparation and integration. Patrick looks forward to hearing from you and exploring how you might work together.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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+31 (0)6 10373024

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