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Marco Jellema


Marco has been studying de-armouring and bodywork with different teachers and courses over a period of time and love to help people grow and transform. De-armouring has helped him so much to expand his consciousness, release trauma and walk his own path. 

Marco works from the heart to create a pure and clean safe space to transform anything in you that may arise. With his strong grounding presence and loving energy he helps his clients get in touch with their inner wisdom, increase self-love, release trauma, feel their body more and connect with their inner child. A sensitive conscious touch and listening to the body guides him where he needs to be.


Being angry is a sin they say, nowadays anger or being angry is not accepted in our society. However expressing our anger in a constructive manner is very important. By expressing our anger in a safe setting we often come to the root cause of our destructive feelings, that layer deeper where often the source of our anger, frustration, quarreling and pent-up emotions can be found. In an anger-work session Marco will work with you to express your anger and to convert the energy into softness and relaxation, without judgment and from the heart.



the Netherlands






+31 (0)6 34344604

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