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Ilona Bezema


People who work with Ilona are touched by the way she connects. She touches your soul with unconditional love.


Ilona is a certified holistic bodyworker. She is devoted in guiding de-armouring, and tantric de-armouring where her clients are empowered and supported in their growth and healing of (sexual) trauma. She fuses love, joy and depth with an open heart and loving presence.


She started out as a yoga teacher and later she developed through Holistic Therapy, Reiki, De-armouring, shifting and expanding consciousness and Wataflow. Her intuition became her guide through her Tantric and Shamanic path.


She now lives in Portugal in nature after enjoying a nomadic lifestyle and travelling in a van with her family for a few years. As a family they lived at a Shamanic Healing Centre where she was guiding bodywork and assisted in sweat lodges and sacred plant medicine ceremonies. Ilona has a deep connection with the power of life and death through her astral travelling.


By consciously and deeply connecting the body, mind and soul her clients experience more love for themselves and their life, fulfilling intimacy and life force energy. She loves to support you in opening these doors, to awaken your senses. To transform patterns, blockages and belief systems. And to remind you who you truly are, so you can live the life you desire.


Algarve, Portugal





+31 (0)6 22056844

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