Fundamental Practitioner 



Are you interested in learning about The Gaia Method in its pure form, at a practitioner level? Then this is a training for you! It offers you a great chance to deepen your skills and knowledge within the vastness of this modality on a fundamental level.


The Training has come together due to requests from many people to offer an exclusive practitioner-oriented teaching of The Gaia Method.


The Gaia Method is a holistic modality. So much more than a mere bodywork practice. It is a method that combines body-oriented tools and focus, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Trauma therapy, Breath, Sound, Energy work, knowledge and tools from neuroplasticity and Quantum Field Physics, Science, tantric-, yogic- and shamanic knowledge into a holistic understanding and approach to body, mind, consciousness and spirit. To learn how to help deep and lasting transformations. To release trauma, tension and restrictions. To increase body-mind connection and life-force energy. To let go of destructive and controlling patterns operating only from a space of reacting to the environment and old patterns. To help clients embody their true essence from a place of choice.


In this training you will dive into a variety of facets of The Gaia Method. What you will experience and get in this training;

  • Getting a deeper understanding of the work; The Gaia Method

  • Processes that gets activated through bodywork

  • Ethics, in body and client work

  • How to hold safe space

  • Transference/projections bodyworker - client

  • How to move around a body in sessions

  • Session work, frequencies etc.

  • Understanding what armour is in the body

  • Trauma theory

  • Boundary work; Verbal and non-verbal

  • Art of touch

  • Energy work

  • De-armouring tools & techniques

  • Breath-work and the importance of breath

  • Sound as a tool

  • Sexuality

  • Use of sexual energy in sessions

  • Sexual de-armouring, both genders

  • Throat-genital connection

  • Sexual leaking/blind spots from bodyworker to client

  • The responsibility of the bodyworker to do self-work

  • Certification of Attendance upon completion


Live demonstrations and a lot of hands-on practice to integrate the teachings of this training. Morning practice, breathwork and movement practices to enhance the work.


Besides being a deep professional training, you will be taken on a deep inner journey. This too is part of a basic foundation underneath being a skilled professional practitioner. Everybody will be in the role of practitioner and receiver/client in this training.


16 - 26 November 2022


The Netherlands




This training is for professionals; bodyworkers, therapist and practitioners who wish to incorporate more bodywork and/or body-understanding into their therapy. Practitioners, who wish to receive a teaching with a Practitioner focus to The Gaia Method.


Individuals, who wish to go into a training to deepen their understanding of release work, trauma work, sexual healing and how to increase receptivity in the body are also welcome. They will participate fully in both roles. They will not only be receiving! Only join his training if you are curious to have a professional level of training and experience!


Including teaching, vegan organic food, fruit & snacks and accommodation.

Split Payment                       € 2.995,-

Three payments                                                 incl. 25% VAT
incl. € 900,- non-refundable deposit

One Time Payment               € 2.845,-

5% discount                                                       incl. 25% VAT

incl. € 900,- non-refundable deposit

To be admitted to the training you will need to agree to a 30 minute intake call, which will be scheduled after your registration. The outcome of this call will determine if you will be enrolled to this training.

All accommodations are shared rooms.


Payment plan possible - contact us if needed.

To secure your spot we require €900,- non-refundable deposit. Full payment required by 16th March 2022. 


Regarding cancellation policy - check terms and conditions.