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What is energy?


Energy is not this new age or mystical thing!


Our body consists of energy and electromagnetic fields. Maybe you’ve heard of energy in the meridians, named Chi? Or the electric currents in the neural pathways, between cells and atoms?


The Heartmath Institute in California has shown, that we all radiate magnetic energy from the heart. This can be measured. It has been shown that feelings such as gratitude, love and compassion enhance this magnetic radiation. These emotions increase the effect of a touch from a caring giver to a receiver.


Energy is vibrations and frequencies, just like sound waves. Just like with sound, energy work can open up subconscious memory in the body. There are recent scientific studies that have measured and shown energy and energy exchange in bodywork sessions.

Our body consists of energy and electromagnetic fields

What is energy

We use energy as a soft way of inviting the body to remember and tell its story

How do we use energy?


Within The Gaia Method, energy work is used as a soft way of inviting the body to remember, to come alive and tell its story. It is done in two ways; Through energy-focused physical touch or from a body-distance, focusing energy to specific areas of the body.


“Energy Focusing” is a way of pin-pointing and penetrating energy to specific areas using conscious focused awareness and intention.

Using energy

What is the effect on the body?

As a client you might experience feeling the energy in a physical way, as a current inside your body, as heat or cold, a tingling sensation or like water flowing. Your body might respond and move involuntarily as a result of cell memory getting activated. Or you can experience it more as emotions and memories surfacing to be released or embraced.


When blocked energy in the body gets activated it can trigger old memories. Memories of an impulse that the body still holds and needs to express, even years after.


Energy work can leave your body very rejuvenated after a session.

Your body might move involuntarily as a result of cell memory getting activated

Effect on the body
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