Embody Yourself


This 5-day Embody Yourself Retreat will take you on a deep journey into the self! To expand your inner container and capacity for presence, awareness, space holding, staying grounded, conducting emotions, move in process, increase your inner silence, patience. self-acceptance and compassion.
To deepen your self-knowledge. To learn to release and shed armour, convictions and patterns, which stands in the way for your inner essence to shine through.

In this retreat we will work with body and mind. With contrasts and polarities. Feeling the inner container/stability when outside circumstances change, learning to embrace an unexpected action/happening without loosing your grounding. To experience where your limitations lie, wether it is physical, mental, emotional or cognitive. There will be body movement, how to move together with another body, voice and expression, meditations, breath and touch.

It will be a mix of playfulness, fun, silence and slowness. It will be deep and challenging!

Like often in The Gaia Method, the body will be a gateway to many of these explorations. We will examine the use of conscious awareness to connect mind and body. You will experience different ways of Self Practice to keep developing yourself without being dependent on others.
The focus in all practices will be on your self-exploration, your experience, your ability to observe yourself – this is also the case when doing couples and group practices. 

There is no need for nudity in this retreat.


13-17 October 2021


The Netherlands



Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to get more in touch with themselves, professional healers, Tantra masseuses, bodyworkers, therapists.

Anyone who wish to work on their inner container, who want to work on themselves to become a clear vessel and rest in their own center.


€ 890,- (€300,- non-refundable deposit) 

The price includes teaching, organic vegetarian food, fruit and tea in the breaks.

Lodging is NOT included in the price. About 4 to 6 week before the retreat we will send information about booking rooms together with a code that will provide you 30% discount on the room price. Venwoude offers single and double rooms as well as a spot for a tent or campervan.