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Our definition of de-armouring


De-armouring is a way of releasing blockages, stuck energy, emotions and tension from the body – also known as armour. Body armour was first mentioned in writing by Wilhelm Reich back in the 1930’s. The practice of De-Armouring though, is as old as the Shamanic tradition and has many different forms.


Reich described armour as the way the body holds tension and pain, when something has been experienced that activated the nervous system in a way that was not processed.

De-armouring is a way of releasing blockages and tension from the body


Instead of breaking through armour with force, we invite the body to open up

Our way of de-armouring


The Gaia Method brings loving attention to areas of tension, numbness and disconnection. It is known as a “soft touch” method. Instead of breaking through armour with force, we invite the body to open up. Always respecting the bodies boundaries. Welcoming rejected parts of you to be expressed and integrated in a compassionate and loving way.


De-armouring opens up the energy flow and the connection between mind and body. This way, blockages and stuck trauma in the tissues of the body can be released. It often decreases or even removes pain. It can also activate the Kundalini, but this is not a goal.


A bodywork session can additionally consist of de-armouring of the sexual area. Both external as well as internal is an option. This, of course, depends completely on the needs of the client. Sexual de-armouring is highly effective for people wth sexual trauma, disorders or lack of sensitivity/numbness.

Our way

A perfect combination

The Gaia Method de-armouring is a technique combining many different methods. It uses massage-like touch to open up the body until an area is reached that needs de-armouring or tension release. Our way of de-armouring is a combination of our own techniques mixed with elements of triggerpoint therapy, acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang, energy meridian work, healing, breath, sound, physiotherapy and muscle stretching…


When needed, a de-armouring session will also consist of sexology counseling, couples counseling and psychotherapy.

It's a technique combining many different methods

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