Opening of the 

Sensual Feminine


In this experiential deep intimacy workshop, you will learn to combine breath work, body movement, sound, and touch to de-armour your body and reconnect deeply with the intimate sensations of pleasure throughout your full body. Sex and sexual pleasure are founded on being able to feel our aliveness and the world fully, opening to receive, and learning to give, through the joyful capacity of all our senses. This workshop will open gateways in your body to step fully into life beyond what you have ever experienced by using the incredible potential of your sexual energy. 

You will learn to explore and embody yourself sexually, on your own and/or with a partner in a most profound way however it is not a sex party or hook up event!

You will learn how to naturally activate the release of emotions, pain, sensitization of numbness and exploration of pleasure in your body and with your partner via a technique called de-armouring. From both solo and partner exercises to group teachings, as well as group sharing and Q&A you will gain skills to navigate experiencing your optimal sex life and discover that physical intimacy and pleasure with our partner can be, not just complementary, but a supplement to one another.

Learn a method rift with tips, techniques and “Ah ha!” moments to take what can be misconceived as the basics of breath, voice, movement, and touch that leads to a wholly “other” dynamic and interaction around intimacy, sex, where communication becomes more natural, response more able and sex more arousing.

Learn how to activate and take ownership of your pleasure, and learn how to share that experience with others.




Venwoude, The Netherlands




This retreat is for both men and women. We welcome anyone who wants to get more in touch with themselves. Singles, couples, professional healers, Tantra masseuses, Bodyworkers and therapists who want to learn more about how to open up the feminine into sensuality, arousal and pleasure.


890 Euro. 300 euro non-refundable deposit to ensure your spot. The price include teaching, organic vegan food, fruit, tea and coffee in the breaks and sleeping in the workshop room - dormitory style.