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The importance of breath


Awareness and conscious use of breathing is one of the pillars of The Gaia Method.


The use of breath alone can lead to big releases of stored energy and open up blockages in the body. Using breath actively in a session helps the receiver go deeper into the process. It helps to bring deeper layers to the surface, where they can be seen, met and transformed.


We pay close attention to the breathing patterns of the receiver. We observe the movement of breath. Knowing how different breathing styles affect tension in the body – it gives us a lot of insights about what is going on inside the body regarding tension and blockages.

The use of breath alone can lead to big releases of stored energy

Importance of breath

Every breathing technique we use addresses one of two intentions

How to work with breath


There are many ways to work with the breath. We use many different breathing techniques. Each one with a different focus. However, they all address one of two intentions;


  1. To open up to parts of our subconscious brain we can’t access from an ordinary everyday-consciousness – to be able to access and/or release suppressed emotions, beliefs and patterns, as a result of suppressed unresolved experiences.

  2. To affect the Autonomous Nervous System. To create calmness, relaxation, safety and grounding. This is very important if the fight/flight/freeze instincts are activated.

Working with breah
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