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Agata Kawecka


Agata is a tantric bodyworker and de-armouring practitioner.  Her adventure with bodywork started few years ago with her own journey.


"I lived but I rarely felt alive - in my search for help I have joined intensive body de-armouring and energy workshop and that’s where my new approach to life started. I witnessed and felt through my own body how transforming de-armouring can be when we are ready to meet ourselves truly.”


Over last 8 years she participated in dozens of trainings and workshops - all in pursuit to touch better: to touch more consciously and intuitively at the same time. She’s fascinated by healing power of touch regardless of whether it is de-armouring work, pleasure learning session or a ritual of tantric massage.


Agata supports women and men during their inner journey to bring back ability to feel, to embody, to let life flow through and to be tender with oneself. To shed what is no longer needed and arise in personal power. She offers body de-armouring and sexual de-armouring sessions. She also sees great value in work with sexual energy of a client, knowing from experience how cleansing and empowering this energy may be. One of the more unique of Agata’s practices are 3-4 hour long rituals of variety of tantric massages - the journey to meet your carnal self, the communication with subconscious.


She's constantly deepening her experience and knowledge to be able to support more fully. Personally apart from pursuing the art of touch she searches for ways to make her life more balanced.


Warsaw, Poland

Also available in NL few times a year (for English speakers) - please, inquire.









+48 608 499 730

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