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Aaron Michael


Aaron Michael is a sex coach and author dedicated to the wholistic empowering people and couples to lead a fruitful and fulfilling sex life inside and outside of the bedroom.


Practicing massage since he was a child by working on his mother’s pained neck, his fellow athletes as well as his own injuries, Aaron Michael has taken his understanding of the human body as a martial artist to inform his practice and conversion into what some call the healing arts.


He has an academic a background in Linguistics from the University of Michigan where he wrote his Honors Thesis on the socio-linguistic dynamics of Coercive Persuasion in cults to further his understanding of the power of language. He also has an MA in Cognitive Semiotics from Aarhus University, Denmark where he wrote his thesis on the psychology, neuroscience and applied linguistics of attraction in courtship interactions after having worked internationally as a social coach helping people overcome social anxiety when interacting with those to whom they are sexually attracted.


He is passionate about his work, is a life-time learner, and takes a fervent stand for freedom and the unshackling of anything that refrains the embodied mind from living life to its fullest in answer to a person’s unique gifts and calling.








+45 26744106

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